1.1 The aims and importance of learning provision for literacy development.
The learning provision for literacy development is very important for children, for them to communicate through speech, writing and reading.
It is very important for the child to start at an easily age for them to be able to communicate effectively so they can be understood and so they can progress through to each expected level for their age group in speech, reading and writing.
For the child to learn it is also important to make it enjoyable allowing them to have fun while they learn, this will help the child to remember what they have learnt.
It is also very important for the child to be able to read and recognise signs for them to stay safe or for them to develop confidence for them to be able to feel comfortable and open with adults to help keep them safe.
Reading helps to feed the child’s imagination and helps them to understand feelings of different emotions.
In the school where i help out they start their literacy lesson on the carpet and get the children to interact with each other by telling a friend what they think giving their understanding of the lesson before sharing their ideas with the whole class, before they go to their tables as groups to read through the book together and answer the questions on the work sheet, giving the teacher and understanding of what level each child is at.


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