2.4 – Evaluate how evidence based approaches can inform own practise

As stated in the previous answer all theories are relevant and useful to our practises today. These theorists have collected evidence to back up their findings and that it why it is still so relevant.

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In our nursery setting we always read up on new research and findings to ensure that we are supporting our children in the best way possible. If we did not keep up to date we would not be helping the children, we would be hindering them.

If anything in the EYFS framework changes we need to make sure that we know about it straight away, so that we can keep our practises inline with the EYFS. As a team we all need to be aware of any updates to this.

Interventions play a large role in childcare practise, so it is imperative that we make sure we have the most up to date information about what works best for children.

We have regular room meetings where we talk about everything we have done lately in our room; the activities we feel have worked and those that may need looking at, ways to improve how we layout the room, any improvements that can be made to how we plan the days activities, etc. This helps all staff to know what they should be doing and it is also the time to raise any questions you may have with your colleagues.

We are also regularly observed, individually and as a room, to make sure we know where we are excelling and also the areas we need to improve in.

We often go on training courses to keep our knowledge relevant and also as refreshers for areas that we may not have participated in for a while. Safeguarding, risk assessments, first aid and food hygiene are courses that we regularly attend, as these subjects are art of our daily routine.

We are constantly trying to keep updated on research, theories and evidence based information to ensure we are giving our children the best possible start in life.


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