Abstract: In the novel Pincher Martin by William Golding the story’s protagonist Christopher Hadley “Pincher” Martin has appeared in front of the audience in a dire and hopeless situation between life and death. Displaying the events just as he survived a German torpedo attack on a British destroyer where he was stationed at during World War II. Christopher managed to get his sea boot off thus making himself lighter, stubbornness is one of many characteristics of the protagonist. One of the focal points of this novel is the willingness and self-determined nature to withstand the challenges placed in front of him to survive until the very end of his strength. The story was presumed to perfectly fit Golding’s collection of survival novels, “the novel could take its place alongside such accounts of survival as Golding’s own Lord of the Flies, or the prototype of them all, Robinson Crusoe.” (Page 205) However William Golding carefully placed a twist ending into the story that enraged many of the readers and critics and many of them opposed the ending. There was also the fact that Christopher Hadley Martin died on the first pages not long after the attack of the enemy vessel and the twist was he could not take his sea boots off, this was mentioned by Captain Davidson who recovered to lifeless body of the protagonist.
The main objective of the novel is to make us the audience recognise an idea of after death, post mortem storytelling rather than a “moment-of-death narrative.” (Page 206) The main concept here in the novel is the opportunity to have a sort of deep sleep like existence after the time of death. Humanity always thrives to go against the very boundaries of mankind, to achieve persistence and consciousness while violating the natural ways of living, going against the rules of nature.


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