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In this article, the author Mr. Tim Bradshaw tells about the disequilibrium of the demand and supply in the market. He talks about how there is a drastic shift in the demand and supply of the new Apple iPhone X. The new product, exceeded its opening supply, within minutes of its launch. It took orders earlier than its launch, but still they faced a situation, where they had to tell their customers to wait. This happened because the number of people buying the product were more than what was expected. The product got sold of quickly because the company didn’t produce the original number of units which it normally produces, when it launches a new model. But instead this time they had produced a bit less. And because of this, there was a shortage in the market for iphone x. From the response given initially by the customers, the company found that the new product, that is the iphone x was exceeding the customer demand. Also as the demand for iphone x was increasing rapidly, iphone 8 and 8s saw a slow shift in the demand, as consumers wanted to buy the brand new product. Analysts found that, the reason behind such a slow demand for iphone 8 was due to the launch of iphone x in the market within days, and this lead to a rapid decline in the demand for iphone 8. Analysts also say that, looking at the current demand for iphone x, the product will increase its demand in the next few months, because of which the product might remain the longest than the former models of the iphone brand. The author concludes by saying that, Gene Munster, a seasoned Apple analyst, and investor at Loup Ventures, said that, they believe that in sometime iphone x will reach the global demand – supply equilibrium.


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