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Instructions to the learner It is a regulatory requirement that every assessment submission is authenticated as the work of the named learner whether submitted to the centre or the ILM Assessment Service

Instructions to the learner It is a regulatory requirement that every assessment submission is authenticated as the work of the named learner whether submitted to the centre or the ILM Assessment Service. Therefore this cover sheet, or an alternative form of formal declaration of authenticity if a centre uses electronic systems or e-portfolios, must be completed with each assessment that is submitted. Please complete and send in with your assessment. Centre namePetr LLPCentre number041387Learner nameBowers PaddieLearner registration numberYRT 4828Unit(s) covered in this submissionWorkplace CommunicationDate and learner signature30/08/2018 Date and tutor signatureLearner Statement of confirmation of authenticity By the act of making this submission I am declaring that this is all my own words and that The work has not, in whole or in part, been knowingly submitted elsewhere for assessment Where the submission includes work from a previous assessment this has been identified Where materials have been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged If this statement is untrue, I acknowledge that an assessment offence has been committed Centre Statement By the act of signing this submission I am declaring that this learners submission has Been checked for plagiarism Learner has received adequate on-programme tutorial support and relevant feedback given Attention is drawn to the plagiarism, collusion and cheating policies of both the centre and of ILM. Proven incidents of plagiarism, collusion or cheating can result in a learner being withdrawn from a qualification.Permission for ILM to use this script ILM uses learners submissions on an anonymous basis for assessment standardisation. By submitting, both the centre and the learner agree that ILM may use this script on condition that identifying information is removed. However, if you are unwilling to allow ILM use this script, please refuse by ticking here Assignment Task for Unit Workplace Communication TASK The purpose of the unit is to enable you to develop an understanding of communication as required by a practising or potential team or cell leader. This task requires you to consider the methods you use to communicate with your team and to explain how to choose the correct method in order to be an effective communicator. You need to start the task by explaining why effective communication in the workplace is essential and then to outline the stages in the communication process. Next you need to take two examples of methods of communication you regularly use e.g. team briefing, e-mail etc., and referring to the communication process list barriers that could occur when using this method and how you can overcome these also explaining when you think these methods are best used and why. The final part of the task requires you to focus on the importance of maintaining accurate records of communication. You need to explain why this is important and to illustrate your answers with workplace examples. Place particular emphasis on records of oral communication that must be kept in your organisation and the consequences of failing to do so. Methods you use for maintaining records of communication both oral and electronic – should be described with an emphasis on good practice. NOTE You may want to relate your answers to an organisation that you work in. If you are not currently working within an organisation, then you may complete this task in relation to an organisation with which you are familiar. This could include experience working in a voluntary capacity. You should plan to spend approximately 4 hours preparing for and writing or presenting the outcomes of this assignment for assessment. The nominal word count for this assignment is 1000 words the suggested range is between 800 and 1500 words. Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria. STRUCTURED ANSWER QUESTIONS Learner name Bowers Paddie Learner registration number YRT 4828 Note In order to achieve each Learning Outcome, learners must satisfy all of the related assessment criteria by obtaining a minimum score of 50 for each criterion. The lines/box below a question is for guidance purposes only. Marks are not deducted for writing more. It is perfectly acceptable for all answers to be continued on additional forms provided they are attached to the assignment when making a submission. The availability of the form electronically allows learners to expand the lines/box as required. UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Explain why clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace (16marks) Communicating with one another is something we do in our everyday life. There is no other way by which workers or colleagues can exchange ideas, suggestion and information without communicating with one another. Clear and effective communication is a vital workplace tool to attaining maximum workers output, building and sustaining strong workplace relationships. Below are further reasons why clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace Increase Productivity Practicing clear and effective communication in the workplace helps in increasing productivity as workers are clearly aware of the organisational objectives. Keeping employees in the dark about issues that concerns the organisation only creates doubts, fear and panic thereby leading to decrease in productivity. Sharing of Information and Good Working Relationship Effective communication in the workplace leads to beneficial encounters with others which helps in building and maintaining professional relationship among colleagues. This enables proper exchange of ideas and information among team members working on specific tasks or general organisational tasks or projects. Positive Attitude Towards Work Clear and effective communications within the workplace helps in building a more cohesive and productive team. Organizations that clearly and openly communicate their visions and missions to employees tend to boost their morale as they develop a sense of belonging and assurance of job security. This will synergist productivity and enhance their attitude towards work. Gaining of Trust and Loyalty There is transparency within an organisation whenever there is frequent effective communication with regards to current developments that may positively / negatively affect the organisation. This helps in gaining employees trust and loyalty, fosters the development of positive and healthy working environment. Reduction in Conflicts and Confusion Effective communication in the workplace ensures that employees understand their roles and responsibilities, as well what is required of them during critical operations. e.g. MODEC expects all teams to hold daily meetings to discuss all activities that will be carried out each day, give constructive feedbacks from the previous day activities, ask questions about the past or job at hand and emphasizes on the use of radio when working anywhere on the plant. This is done to prevent confusions among team members when working on the plant and especially during maintenance activities so to protect the health and safety of employees. Outline the key stages in the communication process (12marks) Communication is the interaction process between two or more people in which there is exchange of information verbally or non-verbally. During the ILM workshop, we were introduced to the components of communication process, the connection chain between the components, their precedence and how the process becomes incomplete when there is no feedback from receiver to sender to acknowledge receipt or what he/she makes of the message. The sender, message, encoding, channel / medium, receiver, decoding and feedback are the main components of communication process. The sender is the one who generates the message. He / she also encodes the message, which is the conversion of thoughts into symbols or graphics and words to channel the message and the necessary expected response. Medium of communication is the means of transferring the generated message to the receiver. The sender must ensure he / she selects the appropriate medium to transmits the message to right receiver. Medium used for communication can be in the form of writing / mails, oral / face to face / telephone, gestures etc. The receiver is the one whom the message is channelled to or intended for. Upon receipt of the coded message, he / she must decode the message, which is the deciphering of codes or finding of meanings to symbols / graphics and words used by the sender in the message. Feedback from the receiver is the final and an important component of the communication process where the receiver acknowledges receipt of the message and if he / she has clearly understood the message. List potential barriers to communication and outline how these could be overcome (16marks) Communication BarriersDescriptionControlled byLanguage Accent Working with people whose language or accent you do not understand disrupts interaction leading to reduction in frequency of communication. The use of simple and plain common language. Also, people can talk slowly and calmly when the accent is the main barrier.Lack of eye contact or inattentionPeople may get distracted by what catches their eyes thereby drawing their attention away, they hear what is been said but not listening.Being focus with undivided attention when interacting or communicating with others.Overloaded information Too much talking Conveying excess information makes communication with others less effective as extra or vital points will be quickly forgotten or misunderstood. Useful details should be summarized but in a way that still conveys the vital message or information across.Physical e.g. distance, medium environmentCoordinating with people at different places or continents on the same projects challenges the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. Using ineffective means of communicating with others does not help as information may be misinterpreted. Having conversation at noisy or uncomfortable environment will not enable effective convey of information as several key points will be missed or not heard. Use of face to face interactions over skype or setting up of virtual platforms to enable exchange of ideas. Meeting at environmentally friendly or less noisy places to enhances effective communication.Emotional, Interpersonal Peoples emotional state or relationship status with the communicator may hinder communication effectiveness. The receiver may misinterpret any information received as negative if he / she feels anger or bullying from the sender.When angry, it is advisable to excuse yourself from the communication process until you clearly arrange your views and points without irrelevant, hurtful and undue comments. Be ready to accept imperfections and exercise patience when dealing with people.Perceptual This happens when people underestimate others level of understanding thereby thinking they cannot understanding or be interested in the conversation.Try maintain eye contact, exhibit positive body language and provide credible evidence to support your claims. GenderMany at times, people render unequal treatment to colleagues during communication as a result of their gender. Also, individuals tend to feel uncomfortable working or interacting with the opposite sex. This could be as a result of shyness or uneasiness. Diversity/fairness should be encouraged. Equality should be practiced, except in special cases where an individual may be excused from partaking in a communication due to illness etc. UNDERSTAND METHODS OF COMMUNCIATION Explain methods of communication and their best use when communicating with the team (16 marks) In the course of our ILM workshop activities, the instructor introduced us to the various methods of communication. These include the formal, informal, visual and gimmick method of communicating. Formal Method The official ways of sharing information where the information are clearly and orderly arranged to meet standard or organisational policies are the formal method of communicating and can be orally delivered or in writing. This method is usually used during project team meetings, writing of official reports, team briefing, official telephone calls, business emails, job application, bank statements, organisational intranet system, etc. This method helps the sender in ascertaining the message is received by the appropriate person or targeted group. Informal Method Informal method of communicating is the relaxed or causal/unofficial way of conveying information to others. This method is normally attributed to societal or communal level of interaction among friends, family members, colleagues/co-workers, peers, strangers, etc. Informal method of communication can be in the form of phone calls, social media chatting, friendly emails to colleagues, chit-chat, waving, handshake, etc. This method of communication may also be done through gestures and can be used by leaders/managers to gain honest feedback, opinions, concerns and thoughts of team members or subordinates when used along with formal communication methods. Visual Method Visual communication is the use of symbols, signs, diagrams, graphic design, pictures/images, etc., to transfer an information. This method of communication relies on the use of sight and may be misinterpreted or a challenge to see when badly or poorly designed with unnecessary information. The use of properly designed visual aids when communicating helps in drawing the attention of the receivers and likely to be remembered. Some examples of where visual communication are used, that we learnt during the ILM workshop are tool boards, notice boards, church thermometer, call waiting, etc. Gimmick Method Gimmick method of communication is the use of eye catching symbols/drawings or designs on physical materials to convey an information. The main purpose of this method is to attract attention. Care must be taken when using gimmicks to communicate as it might be easily misinterpreted. Gimmicks are usually found on T-shirts, mugs, DVDs, phone cases, mouse mats, office stationaries, etc. UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING ACCURATE RECORDS OF COMMUNICATION Explain why it is important to have a record of communication (16 marks) Records are essential due to what it might contain, as evidence to agreements, actions, decisions and history. Workplace communication is an important factor and vital tool within every organisation. Due to the various methods by which people communicate, key and sensitive information may get distorted or possibly lost when no records are kept. Some important reasons why there is the need to keep of records of communication with no consideration given to the method of communication used are as follows To Serve as a Proof and Reference In keeping records of communication, people remain accountable to they say, write or documents they affix their signatures on and the responsibility of upholding to what is expected of them. e.g. All process operators or trainees at TTE are to sign and affix their initials to operation procedures or manuals used and logs taken on plant during production operations. These serves as proof and reference to enable effective investigation of all process upsets and incidents that may have occurred on the plant. Resolution of Conflicts Records of communications enables organisation in preventing the development of conflicts and denial between the organisation and its employees as well as among co-workers. e.g. In our line of work, technicians working on oil platforms are required to document any actions/tasks we undertake. This serve as an evident that, the task was carried in accordance to standard operation procedure and documents such permit to work, toolbox talks sheet, risk assessment and manual handling assessment were issued before performing the task. Monitoring and Addressing of Complains Records of communication also enables organisation to track employee activities and performance thereby serving as supporting documents to undertake remedial/corrective actions when necessary. This prove the legality of such actions. Also, it helps in addressing employee complaints. e.g. MODEC has procedures in place that allows their employees to report near misses and incidents, which are kept as reference and to ensure appropriate control measures are put in place to prevent such future occurrences. 6. Outline the importance of keeping a record of oral communication (8 marks) Oral communication is the verbal expression of ideas, opinions and transfer of information between two or more people. Below are some importances of keeping oral communications Revisiting – keeping records of oral communication enables easy revisiting in the event of doubt or discrepancies in critical and sensitive matters where vivid accuracy is required. e.g. Oral agreements between two or more people with specific clauses should be recorded to ensure each party remains accountable. Therefore, in the event disagreements or conflicts the record can be revisited. Reminder records of oral communication will serve as a reminder of information, ideas, suggestions and accurate details of discussions. Also, orally assigned specific duties and responsibilities can be recorded to serve as a reminder of such activities and to ensure they are carried according to instructions. Evidence records of oral communication can be used as legal evidence when handling conflicts. e.g. All police interviews may be recorded to serve as evidence, ensure there are no fabrication of stories later and hearsay during legal proceedings. Guide records kept of oral communications could serve as a guide when dealing with or installing complex systems. Records of oral communication may provide vivid description of steps needed to be followed when working or operating unfamiliar systems. Describe methods of maintaining accurate records of electronic and oral communication (16marks) As stated earlier, oral communication is the verbal expression of ideas, opinions and transfer of information between two or more people. Electronic communication is the passing on or transfer of images, sounds, data, information, writings, signs and signals from one person to another through the use of radio, wire or electromagnetic systems. Electronic and oral communications can be effectively maintained through several methods. Some of these methods include Maintaining Accurate Electronic Communication Records Due to modern methods of communication in the workplace or normal lives, records of electronic communication such as emails, text messages, telex, social media chats, tweets, etc., could be accurately maintained by storing online or downloading to store offline. Online Storage this refers to the keeping of electronic communications or data with a third party service provider through the internet. This method of maintaining accurate records is done by backing up or duplicating of electronic communications to reduce the burden of using hard disk or portable storage devices. Storing records online provides world-wide accessibility and are well organised with date and time to enable easy retrieval or recovery when required. Offline Storage this involves the process by which records of electronic communications are downloaded and stored offline on assigned hard drives or storage devices. Also, to prevent the possibility of losing data or stored records as a result data corruption and damaging of these storage devices some organisations may print electronic communications unto papers and effectively arrange them in sections, correct order by including titles, dates and numbers for ease of retrieving or locating when filed. Maintaining Accurate Oral Communication Records Oral communications can be easily forgotten or altered as they are face-to-face or telephone conversations. In order to maintain accurate records of oral communications, the methods of writing on hardcopies (papers), audio and video recording should be used. Hardcopy Writing this is the manual way of keeping records which involves the use of papers, notebooks, diaries or document such as log sheets or operation sheet and maintenance sheets, this manual way of maintaining of records is time consuming and requires storage space as all document of records are filed and stored away physically. In order to maintain such accurate records, dates, title and numbers are assigned to them to prevent mixing up and enable easy retrieval for reviews or updating. e.g. At MODEC, all operations and activities on the plants are manually recorded, stored and later converted into electronic files which are backed up onto storage hard drive or device. Recording of Audios Videos – oral communications can also be recorded and converted into audio and video files to be kept on storage devices, cassettes, etc. This method of maintaining communication records is much easier and safer as well as easily revisited when properly organized. Audio and video recordings prevents misinterpretation and altering of what someone says. Learners must achieve at least 50 of marks available for each learning outcome. In some instances learning outcomes may be covered by more than one question. Learning outcome 1 Questions 1 – 3 combined Learning outcome 2 Question 4 Learning outcome 3 Questions 5 -7 combined PAGE MERGEFORMAT 11 Cert. No. GB17229 yq1r5JPDnNeokUpIL2c-tDW9oWQd4H).SBudMkbah
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