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It is a vital part of charismatic leadership

It is a vital part of charismatic leadership. The social scenario motivates the leaders without being prompted about it. For example, as we can saw in the movie Mahatma Gandhi talk to his followers energetically when he is self-motivated. Gandhi Ji was one of them; he motivated people and put them into right path with his speech. But on the other hand, as people blindly faith Mahatma Gandhi that had put some innocent people in great trouble or some people lost their lives.
There were numerous indecencies in Indian society’s system. Of child marriage which resulted in the physical, good and scholarly demolish of both young men and young ladies. It likewise led to the expansion in the number of child dowagers. Due to dowry system young ladies and young men were sold and purchased. Female couldn’t get an education. They needed to live under the purdah as were precluded the benefits from claiming air, daylight and social life. What’s more, there were stations and sub-standings isolating the general public and the country into such a significant number of watertight compartments. Also, moreover, there was the arrangement of un touch ability. There were millions of untouchables in the entire population of India in the North and also in the South. They were dealt with as the scorned and discouraged individuals of appealing authority are an intense type of administration since it can persuade supporters to do things they would not regularly do. The greater part of the threats to the alluring development identifies with this power.