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Needless to say

Needless to say, contemplating how to travel is a common problem which we face daily in Sri Lanka. The moment that when you need to go to somewhere, transport medium is the first thing that comes into our minds, and we may possibly spend lot of time deciding on how to travel and which way to travel and route too.
As Sri Lankans, we spend a lot of time on the road when travelling. The intense traffic we face consist of all vehicles, whether public or private. According to estimated statistics, 87.1% of vehicles on our roads fall under private transport, including cars, motorbikes and trishaws. The number of private vehicles on our roads greatly exceeds the minimum number necessary for a smooth flow of traffic. We travel on roads blocked by hundreds of cars, trishaws, and motorbikes, with each vehicle switching lanes, creeping through small spaces and definitely taking a lot more space on each road than public transport would cover.


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