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Prostitution, being one of the world’s oldest professions, comes with negative effects with it. Prostitution is part of every culture around the world and it may not be prevented or fully gone, but people can do something that would benefit sex workers or prostitutes. Legalization of prostitution will give sex workers a safer place to work. Sex workers will be able to call police whenever they are being abused by their customer or anyone, if it is not legal for them to work as sex workers, they will hesitate to ask for help and call the authority in times of danger because they will be afraid of getting jailed, and in that case, rape and murder will rise. Sex workers undergo medical check ups and if their jobs are legal, they will be less pressured and can practice sex safer. Also, legalization of sex workers will lessen the people downgrading them. Prostitution can be a source of tax and if it is legal, country’s government could


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