Title: Case Studies Toyota
Celebrated its founding year as it turn to 75th anniversary of the company had compiled the progress in the business of manufacturing vehicle. Toyota had sought a variation of achievement through the years for the production of automobile operating business with a vision upon a great deal of serving the international community.

Review/Analysis of the Case
Analysis of Findings

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Top leading brands for manufacturing car as the variation of design for each country as to exceed a ladder of success almost decade now. But as they suggesting to changing plants from eight different models at the same time, bringing huge increases in productivity and market responsiveness.
And It become a relentlessly innovates for assembly line makes thousands of operational changes in the course of a single year. Toyota employees see their purpose as threefold: making cars, making cars better, and teaching everyone how to make cars better. The company encourages problem solving, always looking to improve the process by which it improves all other processes.
On the way they listen to the customers one way to achieve the goal for success. It’s the right thing to do because they value the customers and listen to the things can give them a greater change to market for example: After four years of carefully listening to teens, for instance, they learned that the Scion’s target age group of 16- to 21-year-olds wanted personalization. Then they builds the car “mono-spec” at the factory, with just one well equipped trim level, and lets customers choose from over 40 customization elements at dealerships, from stereo components to wheels and even floor mats.
Toyota markets the Scion at music events and has showrooms where “young people feel comfortable hanging out and not a place where they just go stare at a car,” likely said by Scion the Vice President Jim Letz.
Furthermore the tagline for the Lexus global strategy is “Passionate Pursuit of Perfection.” Dealerships offer white-glove treatment, though Toyota understands that each country defines perfection diversity. On the United States, being perfection and luxury mean comfort, size, and dependability. The Culture of European had to be luxury means attention to detail and brand heritage.
Meanwhile for Toyota maintains a consistent Lexus visual vocabulary, logo, font, and overall communication, the advertising varies by countries they manufacturing.


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