Vinegar, or Suka (as it is known in the Philippines), is one of the most used ingredients in the Filipino kitchen. The prevalent use of Suka is due to its large part in prolonging the shelf life bestowed upon the cooked foods. But aside from its preservative treatment, Filipinos also just happen to like the elevated flavor punch that it provides.
Particularly, Ilocano people are fun in eating foods with condiments. One of these condiments is vinegar especially Sukang Iloko which was originated in the province of Ilocos Sur. Sukang Iloko is special because of its great taste, aroma and presentation.
The manufacture of Ilocos vinegar (Sukang Iloko) is traced long before Spain colonized the Philippines. Although this product was already part of a flourishing trade between the Philippines and its neighboring countries, Ilocos vinegar in particular reached prominence when it became an export via the Galleon Trade to Europe by way of Acapulco, which lasted for nearly two centuries.


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